Texas Rangers Strength & Conditioning

Exercise Descriptions

This section demonstrates and describes the proper training technique for the exercises listed in the strength program. Use the menu to the right to view the individual exercises listed in each area of the routine. Lower body, plyometric, back, and upper body exercises are listed on separate pages. In addition, circuit programs (i.e. TRX  & Tubing) are presented as alternative training options. Exercise photos and/or videos are included depending on the nature of the exercise being presented.

***Please notify the staff if you have any questions regarding training technique.***

Weight Training Do’s

  • Do lift an appropriate amount of weight for the number of repetitions being performed and the desired exercise tempo
  • Do use proper form. The better your form, the better your results, and the less likely you are to hurt yourself.
  • Do use a spotter.
  • Do breathe out as you lift and in when you lower the weight.
  • Do realize that every exercise serves a purpose to create muscle balance.
  • Do rest individual muscle groups for at least 48 hours between workouts.

Weight Training Don’ts

  • Don’t skip your warm-up to save time.
  • Don’t rush a set by speeding through the movement out of control.
  • Don’t overdo it – Too Much, Too Soon.
  • Don’t ignore pain. Talk to the staff if you are having issues with an exercise.
  • Don’t train without proper safety equipment (i.e. shoes)
  • Don’t sacrifice proper form in order to lift heavier weights

About Us

The game of baseball requires strength, speed, power, endurance, core strength, agility, balance and coordination (hand/eye and hand/foot). To improve these qualities it is necessary to “build from the ground up”, by developing explosive legs, a strong and stable core (abdomen, low back, and hip girdle), strong back, stable scapula, mobile thoracic spine and strong mobile shoulders and arms. Your body is a 3-link chain; 1) hips and legs, 2) core and 3) shoulders, arms and hands. Forces needed to swing fast and throw hard are initiated in the hips and legs, and then transferred through the core to the shoulders, arms and hands where they are applied to the bat and ball...

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Spring Training and Testing

This section is to help you understand and prepare for the rigors of the spring training schedule. If you have any questions on how to prepare, please ask a staff member. The rangerstrength.com program is designed with the workload of spring training in mind.

In Mid-January the Surprise Complex opens for players wanting to report early. You will be able to complete the final weeks of your training with the strength and conditioning staff, in addition to your baseball activity. This is a unique opportunity the Rangers provides to its players...

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