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The staff encourages you to make good choices in taking supplements. You are responsible for any substance found in your body year-round, and subject to suspension for a positive test of a banned substance. There are MANY contaminated products on the market, even in common retail stores. The following are resources are to help you obtain safe NSF approved supplements. Please ask the staff or our team nutritionist if you have any questions about your supplement or nutritional needs. 

Remember, you can’t out exercise a bad diet. The same goes for supplementation.

The Rangers’ Staff encourages a FOOD FIRST APPROACH. Supplements help in excess of a good normal diet. You should address your regular nutrition habits before considering any supplements!

Texas Rangers Sports Nutritionist

Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD
Team Sports Dietitian
Email Amy at: amygoodson@alumni.tcu.edu

NSF Certified For Sport

The new NSF Certified for Sport™ program minimizes the risk that a dietary supplement or sports nutrition product contains a substance banned by one of the major sports organizations. NSF tests and certifies that these products contain the identity and quantity of dietary ingredients declared on the product label, but do not contain unacceptable quantities of unwanted contaminants for the recommended serving size listed on the product label.

Texas Rangers General Supplement Recommendations

  • Pre-Workout (0-30 minutes)
    • Fast Twitch: 1 scoop mixed in 16 oz of water
    • EAS Phos Force: 1 scoop mixed in 8 oz of water
  • During Workout
    • Water and/or Sports drink (Powerade, Gatorade, CytoMax)
    • If you need to gain weight, always Sports drink!
    • If outside in heat & humidity, can add Gatorlytes
  • Post-Workout (within 30 minutes)
    • Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Shakes: EAS Myoplex, Muscle Milk, or for more calories Boost Plus or Ensure Plus
    • Make your own smoothie: w/EAS whey protein powder, low-fat milk, and fruit
  • To Gain Weight
    • Drink Ready-to-Drink shake or high calorie homemade smoothie right before bed
    • Wake up early in the morning and drink Ready-to-Drink shake, Boost Plus, or Ensure Plus and go back to sleep
    • Drink Ready-to-Drink shake, Boost Plus, or Ensure Plus after and/or between meals for more calories
    • Add calories to every meal and snack: w/ Peanut butter and whole milk dairy products

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The game of baseball requires strength, speed, power, endurance, core strength, agility, balance and coordination (hand/eye and hand/foot). To improve these qualities it is necessary to “build from the ground up”, by developing explosive legs, a strong and stable core (abdomen, low back, and hip girdle), strong back, stable scapula, mobile thoracic spine and strong mobile shoulders and arms. Your body is a 3-link chain; 1) hips and legs, 2) core and 3) shoulders, arms and hands. Forces needed to swing fast and throw hard are initiated in the hips and legs, and then transferred through the core to the shoulders, arms and hands where they are applied to the bat and ball...

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Spring Training and Testing

This section is to help you understand and prepare for the rigors of the spring training schedule. If you have any questions on how to prepare, please ask a staff member. The rangerstrength.com program is designed with the workload of spring training in mind.

In Mid-January the Surprise Complex opens for players wanting to report early. You will be able to complete the final weeks of your training with the strength and conditioning staff, in addition to your baseball activity. This is a unique opportunity the Rangers provides to its players...

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