Texas Rangers Strength & Conditioning

Speed Conditioning Drills

These drills include progressive sprints and speed endurance intervals to train speed beyond initial acceleration. The volume of this section is slightly higher, serving to improve your overall conditioning level in preparation for Spring Training and the season ahead.

Line Drill Sprints (40 and 60 Yard Versions)

  • Set up a 40 to 60 yds course of cones placed every 10 yds (i.e. Start, 10, 20, 30, etc.)
  • This drill is designed to progress running form, arm swing, stride length, and stride frequency at peak velocity
  • Initiate the drill using a baseball start (i.e. crossover step)
  • Every time you pass a cone work on increasing your arm action and stride length
  • Think of the cones as gates you must pass through before they close on you
  • 45 to 60 sec rest between maximal effort sprints


Cut 60 Yard Sprints – Cut 60’s

  • Cut 60’s are a 30 yds course sprinted down and back
  • Complete one every 30 sec (i.e. 10 sec sprint – 20 sec rest)

Full Gassers

  • Gassers are a 50-52 yds course sprinted down and back
  • The distance is the width of a football field
  • Catchers – 40 sec or less – 1:20 rest
  • Infielders – 38 sec or less – 1:20 rest
  • Outfielders – 36 sec or less – 1:20 rest

100 Yard Striders

  • Striders are a straight 100 yds run at an intensity of 80-90% effort
  • For reference, 100 yds is equivalent to center field from the foul line along the fence
  • Complete one every 60 sec (i.e. 15-20 sec strider – 40-45 sec rest)

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The game of baseball requires strength, speed, power, endurance, core strength, agility, balance and coordination (hand/eye and hand/foot). To improve these qualities it is necessary to “build from the ground up”, by developing explosive legs, a strong and stable core (abdomen, low back, and hip girdle), strong back, stable scapula, mobile thoracic spine and strong mobile shoulders and arms. Your body is a 3-link chain; 1) hips and legs, 2) core and 3) shoulders, arms and hands. Forces needed to swing fast and throw hard are initiated in the hips and legs, and then transferred through the core to the shoulders, arms and hands where they are applied to the bat and ball...

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Spring Training and Testing

This section is to help you understand and prepare for the rigors of the spring training schedule. If you have any questions on how to prepare, please ask a staff member. The rangerstrength.com program is designed with the workload of spring training in mind.

In Mid-January the Surprise Complex opens for players wanting to report early. You will be able to complete the final weeks of your training with the strength and conditioning staff, in addition to your baseball activity. This is a unique opportunity the Rangers provides to its players...

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