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Arm Action Drills

There are two primary drills we will use to work our arm action in running, which are described a the bottom of the page. The goal of the arm action is to add to the propulsion of the body forward in stride. Therefore, the focus of most arm action drills is to create movement in line with the body. Running posture is another component which will be addressed in this section.

“Hey Carl Lewis!” What Should My Arm Swing and Posture Look Like?

  • Eyes focused straight ahead
  • Head in line with the spine
  • Face relaxed – No tension – Mouth relaxed
  • Shoulders down (long neck) and relaxed
  • Smooth forward and backward action from the shoulders
  • Elbows at 90° at all a times – Driving back
  • Back straight (not hunched)
  • Abdominals braced (tight, but not pulled in)
  • Wrists move from shoulder height to hip height
  • Arms brush lightly along side the body
  • Hands relaxed
  • Fingers loosely curled
  • Thumbs pointed upwards

Techniques To Avoid

  • Excessive movement at the elbows – Extending beyond 90°
  • Swinging the arms across the midline of the body
  • Excessive twisting of the torso
  • A wide arm swing away from the body
  • An arm carriage that is too high (shrugged up)
  • A stiff, abbreviated arm action

Arm Swings – Seated Drill

  • Sit up straight with the legs extended
  • Begin with one arm bent in front of the face and the other in back
  • Alternate the arms from the shoulder
  • Hammer the elbow down and back
  • Barely miss the ground with your knuckles
  • See a hand in front of your face at all times
  • The tempo is correct if your butt bounces off the ground
  • Perform sets of 10 sec for maximal speed
  • The seated position emphasizes the need for an upright posture!

Arm Swings- Standing Drill

  • This is an identical drill to the seated arm swings above, but the start position is standing with the feet hip width apart.
  • Perform sets of 10 sec for maximal speed
  • The standing position requires that you engage your core to remain stable in the movement!

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” 
– Vince Lombardi

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The game of baseball requires strength, speed, power, endurance, core strength, agility, balance and coordination (hand/eye and hand/foot). To improve these qualities it is necessary to “build from the ground up”, by developing explosive legs, a strong and stable core (abdomen, low back, and hip girdle), strong back, stable scapula, mobile thoracic spine and strong mobile shoulders and arms. Your body is a 3-link chain; 1) hips and legs, 2) core and 3) shoulders, arms and hands. Forces needed to swing fast and throw hard are initiated in the hips and legs, and then transferred through the core to the shoulders, arms and hands where they are applied to the bat and ball...

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Spring Training and Testing

This section is to help you understand and prepare for the rigors of the spring training schedule. If you have any questions on how to prepare, please ask a staff member. The rangerstrength.com program is designed with the workload of spring training in mind.

In Mid-January the Surprise Complex opens for players wanting to report early. You will be able to complete the final weeks of your training with the strength and conditioning staff, in addition to your baseball activity. This is a unique opportunity the Rangers provides to its players...

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