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Welcome to the 2015-2016 Texas Rangers off-season strength and conditioning program. I hope everyone had a healthy and successful year. Your 2016 baseball season starts with day 1 of your workout! If you did not go to instructional league you should be starting your workout October 19th. If your affiliate made the playoffs, take about 4 weeks off after the season ends. If you did participate in instructional league you should be starting your workout November 2nd.

Our philosophy to strength and conditioning is “strength is the development of the rest of the physical qualities”. What that means is that without strength you would not be able to hit, run or throw. Strength is the basis for all the fundamental movements of baseball. It’s your job this off-season to develop your strength to the best of your capability. We have broken up the off-season workout into 3 phases lasting 18 weeks outlined below.

  1. Foundation Phase (Weeks 1-6) – This is the beginning of the off-season program. This Foundation Phase is designed to focus on increasing work capacity to prepare central nervous system for the more intense and specific workouts to follow
  2. Strength Phase (Weeks 7-12) – This phase is designed to maximize muscular strength by increasing the intensity of the program. You will be doing fewer exercises, lifting heavier weights, doing more sets and fewer reps each workout.
  3. Power Phase (Weeks 13-18) The Power Phase is designed to maximize power, i.e., your ability to apply force quickly. You will be lifting heavier weights for more sets and fewer reps to teach the body and central nervous system to turn on more fast-twitch fibers so you can be more explosive when you run, jump, hit and throw. Workouts will utilize fewer exercises and focus on explosive movements specific to baseball. 

Included in these packets you will find your warm-up, core work, and conditioning, which is specific to each phase of your workout program. All of the exercises and their descriptions along with tips on nutrition and everything else fitness related can be found on our website www.rangerstrength.com. If you have any questions on anything relating to your off-season program please contact your strength coach or myself. Our programs are based on scientific principles and years of experience in professional baseball to help reduce the risk of injury, improve health and maximize performance. With full adherence to the program, you are greatly enhancing your chances for success.

Napoleon Pichardo C.S.C.S.
Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator

Jose Vazquez, PT, CSCS
Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach

Affiliate Strength & Conditioning Coaches:

AZL/Rehab Strength Coach
Round Rock Express
Frisco Rough Riders
Spokane Indians
Hickory Crawdads

Ric Mabie
Eric McMahon
Wade Lamont
Ed Yong
Adam Noel
Al Sandoval



About Us

The game of baseball requires strength, speed, power, endurance, core strength, agility, balance and coordination (hand/eye and hand/foot). To improve these qualities it is necessary to “build from the ground up”, by developing explosive legs, a strong and stable core (abdomen, low back, and hip girdle), strong back, stable scapula, mobile thoracic spine and strong mobile shoulders and arms. Your body is a 3-link chain; 1) hips and legs, 2) core and 3) shoulders, arms and hands. Forces needed to swing fast and throw hard are initiated in the hips and legs, and then transferred through the core to the shoulders, arms and hands where they are applied to the bat and ball...

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Spring Training and Testing

This section is to help you understand and prepare for the rigors of the spring training schedule. If you have any questions on how to prepare, please ask a staff member. The rangerstrength.com program is designed with the workload of spring training in mind.

In Mid-January the Surprise Complex opens for players wanting to report early. You will be able to complete the final weeks of your training with the strength and conditioning staff, in addition to your baseball activity. This is a unique opportunity the Rangers provides to its players...

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